Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back From Vacation: Time for Nesting

We had a wonderful vacation.  We put our son in college. We traveled around New England. We bought art.  And now I'm back home, an empty nester, with two great pieces of art arriving later this week, and I am totally into nesting.

After all the beautiful homes we saw on the East Coast, my home is also beautiful.  We had some work done to our fence while we were gone and now the brick columns look better than any others in the neighborhood.  My hubby will be finally moving back home soon, and my stepson will be graduating from law school, and we're planning a major party for him for December, when our youngest son will be back home as well.  Exciting times!

Last night, I totally rearranged a lot of our existing artwork, and took down what was already where we want our new pieces to hang.  We bought an original Cuban painting that's going over the fireplace and a limited edition John Lennon print for our front hall.  The story behind this print is that John and Sean were visiting the country, lying on the grass near some sheep.  Sean asked his father what sheep saw when they looked at the sky and John answered, "They see themselves . . . meadowing." And when they got home, John created this picture for his son.  My husband and I both instantly fell in love with it.  It's matted and framed and ready to go!  We do need to look at some lighting for it . . .

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